Hi, I'm Johanna!

I'm a UND student studying Law.


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2nd year Law student (Graduate Entry), University of Notre Dame, Sydney.

My previous qualifications include:
-Masters in Business Administration, MGSM
-Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, WVU (USA)
-Diploma Training and Assessment Systems
-Certificate IV Training and Assessment

I have built and run a management consulting and corporate training company for over 25 years working with global multi-nationals and government sectors. I have extensive experience in international commerce, contracts and project management, policy and business operations. I am also a Company Director and have sat on the Boards for a number of enterprises including not-for-profits. You can find me on LinkedIn for more of my career details.

I have been a casual university instructor and assessor (Macquarie) and am a published textbook author. I have developed a large repertoire of university-level learning materials and assessments.

My teaching approach is to build capability in students; my style is to direct you towards competency and confidence, not to spoon-feed.

As your Law subject tutor, you will receive targetted help in your writing skills and confidently build impeccable referencing. I have achieved a HD in every one of the Law subjects I tutor, topping the class for essay and research assignments.

I will help you with first year subjects, especially Legal Research and Writing, Statutory Interpretation and Torts, to make sure you don't leave any points on the table for your assessments. This is what gets you the edge.

My skills are particularly geared towards improving the quality of your assessment, logical argument and referencing. Exam strategies worrying you? I can help there as well. The earlier in the semester you start understanding exam strategy, the better equipped you'll be each and every time.

Tutoring sessions are minimum 30 minutes for assessment feedback and review. I will read your assessment prior to starting the clock, giving you a lot of bang for your tutoring investment.

Sessions can be done via phone or Skype; your work will be clearly marked so you know where to get to work first.




Johanna is a driven student with an extensively academic career. Johanna's thorough research skills and impeccable aptitude make her teaching ability excellent and I would encourage anyone looking for a tutor to choose Johanna, without hesitation. Whether it be exams or assessments that need improving, Johanna can provide effective teaching that would be sure to enable anyone to achieve a high grade.

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since February, 2019

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