Hi, I'm Callan!

I'm a USYD student studying Science.


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University medalist (USYD, Chemistry), now undertaking a PhD in organic chemistry at Oxford (UK) with multiple scholarships. Extensive research experience in academic settings, and award-winning chemistry performance, ready to help you achieve your goals in all chemistry subjects - all the way from organic reactivity to thermodynamics. WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE ME? - HD Average in Senior Chemistry (Studied 7 of 8 Senior Units, all at the advanced level) - Awarded for Chemistry performance by USYD School of Chemistry - HDs in all areas of chemistry, from organic to biological to physical. - Extensive experience in report writing and laboratory work - experienced member of an academic research group within the school of chemistry.




Callan is an excellent tutor in all areas of chemistry. He is especially helpful when writing practical reports and helps you produce high-quality work. Callan is very reliable and always explains concepts thoroughly making content easier to understand.

Chana, StudentVIP member
since February, 2019


I had Callan as a CHEM2521 due to the Covid19 pandemic when classes reverted to online. Callan was very thorough with his teaching methods and prepared. He explained the concepts clearly and easier for a student not majoring in Chemistry (for a 2nd year unit). He was patient as well, which is an important attribute to have especially for someone that hasn't studied chemistry for over 4 years. Having Callan was a big reason for me getting the mark I received and also harnessing my interest in chemistry again.

Dave, StudentVIP member
since August, 2014


Callan is an excellent tutor who I have had the pleasure of exchanging knowledge with. He is able to provide detailed explanations of not just how to solve problems but also the reasons why and ways to remember the theory associated. He is also an excellent active listener with the ability to receive and process new information quickly.

Tim, StudentVIP member
since June, 2020


Callan is very friendly and gives clear explanations making everything easy to understand.

Patricia, StudentVIP member
since August, 2017


Callan is a high-achieving student and an incredibly friendly and reliable tutor. He goes above and beyond in preparing resources and explaining course content.

Jade, StudentVIP member
since January, 2020

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