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I'm a Newcastle student studying Education.


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Experienced math and physics tutor with over a decade of experience in one-on-one teaching. My name is Zakary Jay Nicholls, and I am a secondary & university educator focused on the fields of mathematics and physics. I have worked as a tutor for the last 14 years (in both in person and online lesson formats) and during my time in the industry have taught over 15000 hours of one-on-one, and small group, lessons to in excess of 2000 students. I began my career back in 2011, initially as a K-10 tutor teaching mathematics, later training as a vocational teacher and expanding my tuition into business studies and economics, and later into full scale instruction in K-12 and university math and physics. My extensive experience, and demonstrated history of strong student improvements, make me one of the most successful tutors in the state. I am highly skilled at generating improvements for students in both academic and vocational pathways. Due to a completely full schedule, I will not be taking any university students this year. For any students seeking free resources for Math1110/Math1120/Math2310/Math2340 as well as prep math/HSC math and prep physics/HSC physics, you can visit my youtube page by searching "ZJNT" on youtube where there are over 250 videos covering varying aspects of these courses.