Hi, I'm Zakary!

I'm a Newcastle student studying Science.


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My name is Zakary Nicholls and I am an online academic tutor with a decade of experience in education and training.

Formally, I hold undergraduate and graduate qualifications in the fields of business and science, as well as vocational qualifications in business and education. The majority of my time is dedicated to the advanced study and teaching of mathematical science. I am very passionate about academia, and it brings me great pride and happiness to have a career built around helping people achieve their best. I have privately tutored hundreds of students over the years in K-12, as well as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year university.

One hour online lessons are $25, If you would like to arrange some lessons please send me a message and I'll be in touch.

Mr Zakary Jay Nicholls, CertIVFlMngt HBA, CertIVTAE Newcastle TAFE, DipGenStudSc CSturt, BCom Newcastle
E-Learning Manager, ZJNT