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CIVTAE DipGSSc BCom GCMath || Academic Educator || Education Manager

Qualified VET Teacher & Experienced Math Educator.

My name is Zakary Jay Nicholls, I'm a private math educator and scholar based in Newcastle, Australia. I'm a qualified VET teacher and experienced tutor, with an extensive academic background is in the fields of economics and econometrics, mathematical sciences, and physics and astronomy. I am one of the most experienced private educators in the Newcastle region, having worked in the field of education and training for eleven years, and have taught and trained well over 500 students in one-on-one format (both in person and online).

My main area of academic and teaching expertise is K-14 mathematics (K-12 and 1st/2nd year university), but I have taught students from lower primary all the way to postgraduate in a range of subjects including: applied & pure mathematics, business, economics, engineering, and physics.

In addition to my work as an educator, I am an academic in my own right, my areas of personal academic interest are: mathematical modelling, ordinary differential equations, financial economics, theoretical astrophysics, and general and mathematical engineering.

My most recent personal research concerns the hypergeometric differential equation, and the use of alternative solution methodologies in order to construct a general solution consistent with the known hypergeometric equation, as well as a recent research study paper concerning the use of stellar differential spectroscopic photometry in the determination of the variations and pulsations in the high amplitude delta scuti stellar pulsator Eh Lib..

Achievements -
Ranked Top 10 in unit MTH418 Topics in Calculus at CSturt.
Ranked Top 10 in unit ECON3003 Economics of Global Trade and Finance at Newcastle.
Ranked Top 10 in unit MTH218 Multivariable Calculus at CSturt.
Ranked Top 20 in unit MATH2310 Calculus of Science and Engineering at Newcastle.
Ranked First in unit EPMATH127 Applied Mathematics at Newcastle.
Ranked First in unit EPMATH126 Fundamental Mathematics at Newcastle.
Awarded University Accelerated Studies Certificate at Merewether High.
Awarded First in ANCQ Chemistry Quiz at Merewether High.

Education -
Master's Degree, Physics and Astronomy, USQ, 2019-Present
Graduate Certificate, Mathematical Sciences, CSturt
Bachelor's Degree, Economics and Econometrics, Newcastle
Diploma, Mathematical Sciences, CSturt
Accredited VET Teacher, TAE40110, Newcastle TAFE
Working With Children Check, WWC0469151E, Transport NSW
Secondary School, Merewether High School
Primary School, Hamilton Public School