I'm a Deakin student studying Law.


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I am a Law/International Studies graduate, admitted Lawyer and practicing Legal Practitioner. I have extensive legal experience, including in a Law Interpretation Officer role in the ATO.

I was a Distinction average Law student, and a High Distinction average International Studies student. I received the highest mark in Law and International Studies unit cohorts multiple times.

Currently, I have returned to university to complete an Honours thesis.

I have been tutoring law students and language learners (including ESL) for over 5 years. Students I tutor include students from Victorian universities such as Monash, Swinburne, Melbourne and Deakin, as well as law students from all over Australia. I also tutor adults who are not in tertiary institutions, to improve their language and writing skills.

My style is engaging and involved, and my primary aim is to increase students' confidence and study skills, so that they are better equipped for their studies and not just in the subject I may be tutoring them in.

I am flexible in tutoring arrangements, and am often available to tutor at my house, your house, universities or public libraries, or online.

I generally tutor Law subjects for $75 p/hour, and other subjects for $60 p/hour. I usually charge less than that for ESL. Group discounts are available.

The subjects I tutor are not limited to those listed here.


English, Hebrew, Arabic, some Italian


Rachmiel is an absolutely amazing tutor. His patience is outstanding, something I particularly look for in a tutor. He is extremely competent in every respect, and has helped me a lot of so far in my studies. He is also very kind and easy going, always making me feel comfortable when I don’t understand a question. I would definitely recommend him to everyone!!

Celeste, StudentVIP member
since August, 2020


Rachmiel is an amazing tutor for any unit you are struggling in. He is patient, a competent tutor, will also work hard to get what you want from your degree. He is very understanding and breaks down content in a format that makes you understand the content well. Will teach you short cuts and tricks that are helpful for you! Rachmiel is extremely smart and a kind, caring tutor. He genuinely looks after you and will work hard to teach concepts in a way that you can understand. Would recommend to anyone his tutoring! Extremely friendly and easy to talk with, he is also a super-passionate tutor.

Nibb, StudentVIP member
since November, 2018


I personally had Rachmiel tutor me for Administrative Law and it was a godsend. He is a very competent tutor and will ensure you get the results you want, will make sure you don't waste time on trip-ups designed by teachers and direct you to focus your time on the most important parts of the unit /contentious points of law. I will definitely be using him again!

Luisa, StudentVIP member
since May, 2020


Rachmiel is highly knowledgeable tutor, and great at explaining complex matters. He genuinely cares about you as his student, and helps you achieve the best result possible. 5 stars.

Cal, StudentVIP member
since May, 2009


Rachmiel is a fantastic tutor and mentor he very patient and really takes the time to explain things and help his students I would recommend him to anyone one. I have had a few tutors in my life but Rachmiel the one that helped me the most

Phillip, StudentVIP member
since May, 2019

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