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Do you want to achieve better scores for your assessment tasks and/or exams? As a student, it can be difficult to score high distinctions in your assessment tasks and exams due to work, tight deadlines or difficult units. I can help you perform your level best in your studies by creating a study plan for you or helping you understand topics or assignments within a short period of time. I understand how it feels like to be stressed and overwhelmed about assignments due soon and exams. I am a friendly and reliable tutor, and I am driven to improve your academic performance and to help you achieve better scores. I’ve completed my Bachelor of Nutrition and Masters of Dietetics course with over 4 years experience as a tutor. I enjoy helping others and I will help you achieve the best you can. I love to explain difficult concepts and topics to students who cannot understand certain topics. I also tend to provide handy notes for further understanding. I can also give the students tips on how to do well at these subjects. I have done all of the subjects I offer to tutor on and I have achieved top scores for every one of them. I can also quiz you on certain topics if required to further develop your understanding on these topics. This is because I believe that having a great understanding of certain topics is key to doing well. I can help you pre-learn before lectures or catch up if you are behind. I am also happy to review assignments and to assist students in being successful in their studies. I can tutor online via phone call, Skype or Zoom. I can also tutor at Deakin University. Pricing: $35/hour for a group of 2 students. (Very cheap!) $30/ hour for a group of 3 students. SLE212 and SLE222 (biochem units): $40/hour HSN744, HSN740, HSN742 and HSN745: $45 per hour I have tutored many students and managed to improve their academic performance. I wish you all the best for your studies. Hope you can be a successful student.




had Meher as a tutor and she was an amazing help and gave me a structure for my assignment and made me feel a lot more confident.

Zane, StudentVIP member
since March, 2023


Meher is a great tutor - she explains all the concepts really well and ensures you are understanding as she is going. Highly recommend

Gemma, StudentVIP member
since March, 2021


I know Meher from Biochemistry class and she’s been an hardworking student. We both love tutoring and have explained each other concepts from the unit, she will definitely be an amazing tutor for you as she understands all the topics from her units:)

Simran, StudentVIP member
since January, 2019

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