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I am in my third year of Arts/Law at Monash, majoring in philosophy.

I received the award for best first year philosophy student at Monash, and received a 93 in LDM and a 94 in TSM. I also received an 89 in HR theory 1 and a 95 in HR theory 2.

I'm a friendly person who just loves philosophy and wants to help first years, especially given the difficulty of studying philosophy entirely online. I am currently tutoring via Zoom/your preferred platform, though happy to do in person sessions once circumstances allow.

Most beneficial to you would be:
-:. going through readings in depth to clarify areas of confusion
-:. providing guidance on assessment tasks and philosophical writing
-:. helping with exam prep.

These subjects can be a great WAM booster with a little bit of effort!




Cree demonstrates an aptitude and keenness for philosophy that is unseen from anyone else. She is uniquely capable of understanding sophisticated pieces of prose and then explaining them to her students with remarkable clarity and simplicity. For both my first year philosophy subjects, Cree was a tremendous help and knew the ins and outs of each unit and was able to provide me with additional information on how best to tackle each assessment.

I cannot recommend Cree more as a Philosophy tutor.

Deepak, StudentVIP member
since April, 2018

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