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Hi, I am Carl. I am currently holding an Assistant Lecturer position at Monash University, Faculty of IT, Department of AI. I am also a PhD candidate in the School of Mathematics, Faculty of Science at Monash. I finished my Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours at Monash in Mathematics and Statistics. I also finished my study in Bachelor of Science with an extended major in Applied Mathematics and a major in Computational Science. I have been tutoring many fellow Monash students for the past few years and have had experiences in conveying knowledge, both privately, and in tutorials/applied classes. What makes me happy the most is when students are pleased with their results at the end of each semester. It's my pleasure to meet and help everyone with study stress since I had (and have) experienced the same thing. Thank you for reading. P/S: I am not available for FIT3139 and FIT3155 Tutoring for S1 2024.


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Carl helped me pass MTH2010 which was nothing short of a miracle. He provides clear explanations and examples of concepts. He is very knowledgeable and has a good ability to teach. I definitely recommend getting Carl to tutor you!

Claire, StudentVIP member
since April, 2022


I contacted Carl for help with FIT2014. He's knowledgeable, gives really clear explanations and was happy to go over the areas that I was struggling with. Highly recommend for CompSci units. Thanks Carl!

Aruni, StudentVIP member
since October, 2021


My son was required to undertake MTH1020 and MTH1030 in 2020; both were compulsory units for his computational science major. Math was not his greatest strength. Fortunately we came across Carl on StudentVIP who helped him through weekly tutoring. As a result, my son scored High Distinction in both units (84% and 85% respectively). Carl’s passion and dedication in tutoring have been instrumental in my son’s success. Carl is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend others to seek Carl’s help if they lack confidence or wish to do well in mathematics. Thank you Carl for your continuous support!

R, StudentVIP member
since February, 2019


Highly recommend Carl as a tutor especially in all aspects of maths! He was able to lock in exactly where I was in the unit and keep me up to date each week explaining any problems I had and adapting to my style of learning. Carl is Incredibly passionate about teaching and will cover the same concepts until he's sure you understand it! Very patient and gives off a 'bloke you've known for years' vibe. Get him in your zoom call before he's all booked up! :)

Luz Marina, StudentVIP member
since September, 2016


Carl is an excellent tutor. He is very detailed and thorough in his teaching method. Would highly recommend him for mth1020!

Pavithra, StudentVIP member
since August, 2021


Carl is an excellent tutor and overall a very friendly and caring individual, he highly excels at maths and is very competent at programming. I was initially struggling with FIT1045, having zero prior programming experience, I even considered dropping the unit. However, with Carl's helpful tips and his ability to simplify, break down and explain difficult problems, I managed to score a very high HD (95) for the unit. He also enabled me to achieve a score of 97 for MTH1020. Highly highly recommend him for FIT and MTH units.

Andy, StudentVIP member
since February, 2021


Highly recommend Carl for FIT1045! Was really struggling to understand python in FIT1045 halfway through the semester but with his help I was able to understand the concepts. He is super understanding as well as patient and will keep explaining the material until you truly understand the material, catering to the learning styles of the individual student. You can tell how passionate he is about teaching and making sure his students understand the subject by way of his gentle mannerisms and persistence. Thanks Carl!

Teresa, StudentVIP member
since April, 2021


I would highly recommend Carl as a tutor! He has been helping me with probability for STA1010 which I found really difficult at first. Carl is able to simplify difficult questions so I can understand where answers come from. Thank you Carl :)

Ayla, StudentVIP member
since June, 2018


If you are looking for a personal tutor to help you achieve excellence in your studies and score well academically, we highly recommend you speak to Duc! Good passionate tutors with patience are hard to come by and you will discover this yourself; just as we did in getting Duc to help out with MTH1020 during Semester One, 2020 (which a HD was achieved under Duc’s guidance). Duc has been retained as personal tutor for MTH1030 in Semester Two, as well as other future subjects within Duc’s areas of expertise. Thank you Duc for your help! Robert

R, StudentVIP member
since February, 2019


Duc is an absolute GOD at maths. He really helped me understand and ace my assignments. If you’re looking for a experienced tutor who genuinely cares, you’ve got your guy :)

Ankita, StudentVIP member
since March, 2020

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