Hi, I'm Sasikan!

I'm a UTS student studying Business.


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I am an HD/D graduate of MBA (marketing and management) and have been tutoring for over four years now. I would love to help anyone facing difficulty in marketing and management get through! I can also provide guidance on how to write good papers as well as help proofread them ^_^


English, Thai


I used Sasikan during my last year of uni. She was great in assisting me with time management and breaking down each assessment. She provided great insight into each topic and gave valuable feedback with every task. I ended up achieving a distinction average in these subjects. I would definitely recommend Sasikan if you want to achieve great results!

Tinisha, StudentVIP member
since August, 2018


Sasikan is the best!!! she can teach anyone with clarity. She goes beyond what you needed to know.

Jericho Marc, StudentVIP member
since March, 2020

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