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Want to be successful in your units with HDs and great understanding on hardest topics? I can help you with it so you can do your best in studies.

I am a 3rd year Biomedical Science student in Deakin University looking forward to graduate as a Doctor in future. I have been so passionate about Sciences that I started tutoring Science subjects to my juniors and friends since I was a School and High School student. I have good 4-5 years of experience of tutoring.

I help students with creating a specialised time table and passing all the useful tips needed to do well in both life and studies together. I am also a PEER mentor and Student Liaison Mentor at Deakin assisting students with motivation, time-management and providing study help. I am a Wellbeing Ambassador at Deakin University supporting students mental and physical health and always happy to help students with emotional support along academic held. Most of my students have scored HDs in all the units I have tutored.

My units and scores were:

Cells and Genes (SLE111) : 88
Physics for Life Sciences (SLE123) : 95
Chemistry in our world (SLE133) : 93
Functional Human anatomy (HSE102) : 88
Biology Form and Function (SLE132) : 93
Essential Skills in Bioscience (SLE115) : 94
Chemistry in Professional Sciences (SLE155) : 93
Understanding Health (HBS107) : 90
Biochemistry(SLE212) : 83
Epidemiology and Biostatistics 1 (HSH205) : 83

I will help you out by working on your weaknesses and strenghtening your skills to make you achieve the best you can with different techniques and tips based on any important chapter you are stuck in and my own experiences. My tutoring technique includes asking lots of questions while I teach to make sure you are getting everything. I can help you create a good timetable and pass on some healthy study habits to help you succeed in your overall University life. I will always share good tips/mnemonics to help you remember hardest concepts and understand them in the best way for long term memory.

I can explain the assignment components and review them for the students as well.

I can tutor online via zoom or skype, simply via phone call or even on-campus.

I charge 30$ per hour for group of 2 students and cheaper for more. Individual charges: $40 an hour


English, Nepali, Hindi, Punjabi


Simran and I are classmates. Simran is great at tutoring and would highly recommend her services if you want to score well in an assignment . We studied together and explained different topics to each other. Simran has helped me understand different topics and loves to help out other students with their studies. She has done really well with her studies and would help you do well in yours.

Meher, StudentVIP member
since July, 2018


Simran is a smart and kind student, whenever we had trouble understanding certain topics or concepts in Chemistry and Biology, she would help us to understand concepts properly and she explains content in a concise and accurate manner! I would definitely recommend Simran as a tutor...

Ashwin, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017