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Hi all! I am Bryan and I am currently a PhD student at Monash University and a tutor for both Monash and Swinburne Universities. I have received many praise reports from students, both current and past that have achieved 100% in their tests (or High Distinctions) and have gone to move on with their exciting university studies or careers! __________________________ MY RATES My first 30-minute session/consultation is COMPLETELY FREE! Gives you a chance to get to know me, set expectations and come up with a study plan for your unit with me. Planning is always key! ___________________________ MORE ABOUT ME Hi all! I am Bryan and I am currently a PhD student (since February of 2019) working on the Optical Characterisation of Sensing Systems, particularly pathogen sensing systems for water and food stream quality monitoring - in short, I find and disinfect bacteria in food and water. (My passion for food and accessible drinking water drives me every day.) I graduated recently from Monash University Australia with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with First Class Honours. I have also won the highest academic awards for Dynamics 2 in 2017 and Design 3 in 2018. I also held the High Achiever's Award Scholarship in my undergraduate degree, and am now currently holding two major full scholarships for my PhD (Faculty of Engineering International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (FEIPRS) and Monash Departmental Scholarship (MGS)). I was a tutor for ENG4700-Biomedical Imaging and Sensing in 2019. I am currently a tutor for MEC3010-Micro and nanofabrication technologies and MEC3457 Systems and Control for Monash University. I have recently graduated on 23 May 2023 from my PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Monash, with a specialty in biomedical sensors and micro/nanofabricated systems. My thesis titled "Bacterial concentration and detection with ultrasound" established novel knowledge in the field of sensing of bacterial cells within food and water using highly sensitive ultrasonic microchips the size of your thumb! I have also done internships/worked both internationally and locally across several industries, such as construction (Sunway Construction - Yes, I am from Malaysia!), pulp and paper (BioPRIA), food and dairy (Fonterra and Parmalat Australia) and food innovation and consulting (Monash Food Innovation Centre). I also am a Core Team Member of the Engineering Leadership Program at Monash University in 2016-2017. The highly rewarding program I got selected for was the industry-based internship with Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI) over the summer break of 2017 where I worked on a national collaborative project, on a milk quality assessment mobile application. I have also started entrepreneurial ventures such as a toasties snack bar "Toast To Love". (Instagram: toast_to_love). *If you are looking to apply for a scholarship, I could also help you with that! ___________________________ MY TUTORING STYLE I am an extremely down to earth tutor, enjoy connecting with students and will always push them to do better in their units using strategies that I have personally implemented in my undergraduate degree. There are better ways to study than just studying hard! I have led many students to do extremely well with their units, (mostly HDs) through a systematic approach that works. (What a rewarding feeling (and a relief) to hear praise reports!) ___________________________ WHERE I TUTOR COVID-19 Note: All lessons are currently online via zoom, scheduled using Google Calendar. Formerly, I usually tutored at the Monash University library (Library discussion rooms-because of access to whiteboards, markers and duster, and free air conditioning!). However, based on where you live, we can come up with a compromise that suits you. ___________________________ IMPORTANT NOTE I tend to book out pretty early, as I only have so many hours of my day to tutor privately. (What a good problem to have! Extremely grateful.). Let me know if you are interested and we can have our first 30-minute session on the house. Hope to see you soon and to start getting you feeling great before your tests and final exams! (Nothing like the contentment from feeling prepared before a test or exam!)




Bryan not only helped me with subjects that I initially thought were impossible to pass, but also helped me by providing valuable methods to approaching exams and implementing successful study techniques. If you’re looking for a friendly, easy going tutor who ensures you achieve the best score you can, then look no further than Bryan.

Thehan, StudentVIP member
since August, 2022


Bryan's assistance as a tutor in MEC3010 was nothing short of exceptional. His meticulous approach over the course of our five sessions was exemplary and highly conducive to learning. He demonstrated patience, understanding, and the ability to break down complex concepts into comprehensible steps. His thoughtful note-taking was a significant asset, helping me revisit key points and further solidifying my understanding. Bryan not only contributed significantly to my academic progress, but his methodology also fostered an enhanced independent learning ability in me. With Bryan, tutoring was not merely about passing a course but truly learning and growing intellectually.

Setayesh, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018


Bryan is very generous with his expertise, and invests himself fully in your performance as a student. He's able to simplify complex concepts in a way that makes them easy to internalise, while still providing students with the necessary dept of understanding. Bryan was SO helpful with preparing me for a difficult exam and I highly recommend him as a tutor :)

Tajriaan, StudentVIP member
since September, 2019


Bryan is an awesome tutor! He always utilises our time extremely well and doesn’t waste a second (LOVE this). I find that his tutoring setup is effective and easy to use. He always explains difficult concepts in a very simple manner which makes everything easier to learn. Without him, I would seriously be at a loss in my engineering subjects! Bryan is also very knowledgeable, friendly, flexible and understanding. I would highly recommend him without any hesitation!

Braedon, StudentVIP member
since June, 2021


I get to know Bryan through my PhD course and everyone who knows Bryan can definitely tell that he is really passionate in tutoring and teaching. He always tries his very best in explaining difficult concepts or questions to his students, even if it is an online session. Bryan is also a very organised person, he always makes sure the tutoring sessions are well planned so that the students can learn the most out of them. The fact that Bryan has previously done most of the units that he offers makes him more relatable as he really understands the students’ struggles. Highly recommend tutoring with Bryan, your first step to your HDs!

Melati, StudentVIP member
since February, 2016


Bryan is an excellent tutor who is very knowledgeable and conveys his knowledge of complex material in a manner that can be easily understood. Highly recommended!

Ankush, StudentVIP member
since August, 2019


I’d definitely recommend Bryan as a tutor! He’s very thorough and super dedicated. He explains difficult concepts in a simplified manner which helped me lots. I was very happy with our sessions!

Monisha, StudentVIP member
since July, 2019


I have known Bryan for quite awhile now. He is a jack of all trades. Not only he is skilful in tutoring he is also the most approachable and friendliest person I have ever met. There has never been any problem communicating with Bryan and he never fails to come with a solution for my challenging questions. Bryan also helped me to organise myself, not only while I was studying, but now beyond uni works. His knowledge and input in preparation of resume, CV and cover letter for job applications have been on point!

Razi, StudentVIP member
since January, 2012


Bryan has got to be the smartest guy I know. He has such in-depth knowledge about a wide breadth of subjects and manages to explain very complex concepts in such a concise and logical manner such that once you have grasped it you will have an undrrstanding for life. I cannot praise him enough - I don't know what I would do without him!

Ben, StudentVIP member
since May, 2019


Friendly, fun man who will definitely lead you on the right path to find academic success

Kevin, StudentVIP member
since July, 2018


Bryan is the smartest person I've ever encountered. He is an energetic self-starter and always looks for new and innovative ways to make the study material more exciting. His enthusiasm and creativity is an inspiration to me, and definitely what I would look for in a tutor!

Chris Pei Xian, StudentVIP member
since August, 2017


Bryan is the friendliest and most approachable person I have ever met!! I know that he is a very dedicated and responsible person, so if you're looking for a tutor don't hesitate to pick him cause I know he'll do a great job😁 Oh and his passion for food is a well known fact!

Nadya, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


I met Bryan during university as we were in the same classes. He is definitely one of the most approachable and friendliest guys I've met. Having done several projects with him, I can say he definitely has the skills and knowledge needed to get all the HDs.

Devindi, StudentVIP member
since November, 2017


If you haven’t gotten a tutor yet, don’t hesitate, just pick this guy! He’s very dedicated and willing to help you improve. Generally a chill and fun guy to be around with and never judgemental about your questions (even when you think they’re dumb). He’s also on the Deans list...so, you know you’re getting quality brain to pick right there. Highly recommend!

Samantha, StudentVIP member
since February, 2015

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