Hi, I'm Richa!

I'm a USYD student studying Business.


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I am a qualified CPA from Australia, a Chartered Accountant and a Bachelor of Commerce. I have four years of work experience within the Australian Banking Sector. I am currently studying to update my skills.

I have experience of tutoring students during my Uni days as well as mentoring the Graduates entering through the Graduate program.

A fully qualified finance professional with practical experience in the Corporate world combined with experience in tutoring, is what I get on board for you to ensure you clearly get hold of the concepts and achieve the purpose of the tution.

I specialise in Accounting, Financial Management and other Business subjects. I teach students from UTS/USYD/UNSW/WSU.

I have a clear, simple and structured approach to help you with your lectures and tutorials and address any areas where you think you need an extra hand. My approach is flexible to suit your requirements. I aim to explain the toughest of the concepts through simple and practical examples, which I have learnt through my professional work and tutoring experience.

I would be able to help you with your assignments and help you in preparation of your Final Examination.

I am also happy to provide you guidance, if you need any, to prepare yourself for future job opportunities and provide you insight into the Corporate world.

I am available to tutor at Public Libraries and via Skype. I am happy for group tuitions and group discounts are available.

Please message me for further details.



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Richa is a fantastic tutor, I recently got tutored by her with accounting which I really struggle to grasp the concept around and she helped to simplify and break down each concept thoroughly. Bound by limited time, she swiftly complimented the time I needed and was very easy to bond and schedule tutoring sessions with. She was also very approachable and happy to help which also made lessons easier to go to and look forward for. In turn, she was also very consistent with her workload and the way she walked through questions with past papers and example questions. It’s clear that she’s very confident in her content and was sure to always check on me even after my exams which I appreciate ! Thank you so much, best wishes to you and your family :)

Ada, StudentVIP member
since August, 2018


I would highly recommend Richa as a tutor, every session was well planned out and she explained all concepts thoroughly. She was very attentive and made sure I understood the concepts before we moved on. I received a better mark than i expected and i wouldn’t have got there without her help, i recommend Richa for anyone looking for a tutor!

Evie, StudentVIP member
since March, 2018


I'm very grateful to have had Richa as a tutor for BUSS1030 and was really happy with my final exam mark as a result. She comes prepared to all the sessions and is very attentive to your individual needs. She provides exercises and goes through multiple examples to help you really understand the course work. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting some extra help. I definitely felt more confident and better prepared for my exam after having had some extra lessons with her.

Jenna, StudentVIP member
since February, 2019


Richa was a fantastic tutor! Every session with her was so organised and well planned. She explained things thoroughly and in a way even someone who has no background knowledge of accounting could comprehend. I worked with Richa for a few weeks leading up to mid term exams and every week she would send me questions after each meeting and check in to see how I was going. She really cares about how well you do. I received far better marks than expected for my exams and that was all thanks to Richa's dedication and help! Thank you :)

Samantha, StudentVIP member
since February, 2019


Just wanted to write a follow-up.
Thanks to Richa and her tutoring I was able to pass BUSS1030 which is a notoriously hard subject.

Florence, StudentVIP member
since February, 2016


Richa is by far the best tutor I have had.
A 10/10 tutor!
She knows the content and course material very well and can answer any of your queries on the spot.
She is also very accommodating and lovely person.
I would recommend her to anyone who asked me for an accounting tutor.

Florence, StudentVIP member
since February, 2016


Richa is a very professional tutor! She reads through the slides and tutorial notes every week and tailors a clear structure for me. At first I was really confused with the the concepts. However, she has been very patient in explaining to me the concepts and gives me sample questions for the topic. She has made learning so much easier! Apart from that, she is very positive and encouraging. I never hesitate in answering her questions during class because she always give me remarkable explanations to strengthen my knowledge. So if you are facing difficulties in accounting like me, do approach Richa to look for professional tutoring!!

Tiffany, StudentVIP member
since March, 2017


Richa was an amazing tutor! I was struggling with an accounting unit and was convinced that I would fail because I could not construct financial statements correctly. I got in contact with her a few days before the exam and she prepared so so so well for our meeting! She did most of the questions beforehand and sent them to me to help me make a start. She was extremely easy going and simplified concepts to help me understand. Thankfully with the help of Richa I managed to do much better than I expected and I would highly recommend her. I only saw her once for 4 hours and she made me confident. If she can make pass overnight then she can do the same for anyone else!!!!

LAYAL, StudentVIP member
since April, 2018