Sharp, Byron

For sale by Jetta for $60


Greg Elliot, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, David Waller, Angela Paladino

For sale by Kay for $50

Internet Marketing

Mary Lou Roberts

For sale by Aditi for $75

Gonzo Marketing

Christopher Locke

For sale by Aditi for $10

E-Marketing, International Edition

Judy Strauss, Raymond Frost

For sale by Christine for $45

Marketing Research

Joseph F. Hair (Jr.), Bryan Lukas, Ken Roberts, Sharon Lee-Lukas

For sale by Georgia for $50

Principles of Marketing (Aus)


For sale by Ben for $10

CB 7

Barry Babin, Eric Harris

For sale by Briony for $50

Marketing: The Core

Kerin, Roger

For sale by Sarah for $70

Principles of Marketing

Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong

For sale by Nardia for $20

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