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Hi! I'm Victoria Aitken! I'm a second year Communication Design student at RMIT and I'd love to help...


Probably the easiest double-credit subject (25pts) you'll ever do in your academic life. The content is drier than the Sahara desert and is basically common knowledge. More marketing directed content, less creative work required. The most creative thing you do is document design so do realise this subject is mainly writing. Briefs for the assignments are almost unlimited, you can choose almost anything you want to research and write about which is fantastic. This allows you to choose a topic that you like, and if you like something then research and writing are so much easier and even fun. The specialist studios are a bit useless in my opinion but I guess if you can stay awake to listen to them blabber on in the most monotoned voice then yeah, maybe they're interesting. My regular studio tutor is really smart and successful however that doesn't mean he can teach. I found myself zoning out in almost every class which was unfortunate as I attempted to give this subject a chance to redeem itself every week. Overall, assignments are doable and even enjoyable, tutors and studios aren't.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020