Introductory Algebra and Calculus Pearson Original


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Introductory Mathematics for Engineering Applications

Kuldip S. Rattan, Nathan W. Klingbeil

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Fourth year, GPA 6.3 studying a Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Mathematics. Math is easy....


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This unit was so poorly planned out. I have not learnt a thing and even though I'm getting good marks, its because of my math text book from high school and Khan academy. Lectures are little to no use, which makes the tutorials not much help either. They give you a work sheet and expect you to understand the in the tutorial for two weeks AND THEN they teach how to do your worksheet after your tutor has taught you. The last time I went to a lecture, the lecturer told us off and threatened to cut the lecture short because we said we couldn't read her writing and she got annoyed. We have one lecture every two weeks so for the people that did need this lecture, they would have been screwed. I haven't showed up for a lecture since because everything they teach us in it has mostly been taught in the tutorials the two weeks before. For the extra little bit of information they do add in the lectures, I'm not sitting two hours for it. Aside from that, this unit has potential is taught correctly. I did this unit briefly last semester before leaving, and it was really well planned out and now it's just a mess :/

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016