Law in Commerce, 6th Edition

B. Sweeney, J. O'Reilly, A. Coleman

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Law in Commerce

Brendan Sweeney

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Fantastic unit. It is a Lectorial. You definitely want to go to the class and not the online one. They’re teaching you enough about the law to get by but not that deep to turn you into a lawyer. Michelle the unit Coordinator/Lecturer is so approachable and really happy to help. General overlook of the Aus legal system, contract law, negligence, business, agency and property law. A1: 20% courts visit / observation - you talk about what you did, give a reflection on your thoughts and relate it back to unit content. A2: 30% rubies problem - negligence. it’s all about negligence. Have fun. A3: 50% exam- 50 questions 2hrs. It doesn’t go into anything in Latin or the structure of the Aus legal system. Really practice the scenario questions - mainly contracts.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019