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LSB258 Summary - Week 1 - 6

Written by Jessica

Assigned notetaker of LSB258 in 2016. Content divided into 6 weeks of semester for easier naviga...

26 pages, 3123 words


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A Doctor from India, and a PhD at IHBI, QUT, in Regenerative Medicine addressing Human Bone Cancer,...


Very content heavy, the exam includes almost all the content in lectures so beware! I would not recommend studying this unit a week before finals, you will be under so much stress and pressure as the clock ticks. Take your time to understand the content and slowly build upon your knowledge, you'll do fine :) The practicals have quite chunky experiments and tasks, it may be best work in a large group so you can split tasks and combine them all afterwards. My group had 4 people and we were still racing against the clock until the very last second!!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Highly informative subject. You will gain a lot of knowledge upon completing this unit. With hard work and keeping up to date with the topics every week, you will be able to perform to a high level.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015