Australian Corporate Law

Jason R. Harris, Anil Hargovan, Michael Andrew Adams

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Corporations Law

Jason Harris

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Corporate Law Exam Notes

-Topics include: incorporation process and corporate personality, corporate constitution, corporate...

96 pages, 39198 words

LLH305 Corporate Law Full Subject Notes for Exam

Notes completed by student with 6.91 GPA, with all current content - perfect for exam. Comprehens...

90 pages, 32972 words

LLH305 Corporate Law - Topped the subject with these detailed, graphic, easy to read notes

Prepared by a 5th year law student with a GPA of 6 . 83. Received a 7, and was the highest result in...

257 pages, 50000 words

End of semester exam notes

Full comprehensive end of semester exam notes with a contents page. Topics include: - Context of...

129 pages, 54861 words


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Bit of content to get head around for first few weeks of semester but very interesting once have that understanding. The unit goes through the whole life of a company from start to end!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Great subject

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016