Principles of Dispute Resolution

David Spencer

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Principles of Dispute Resolution

David Spencer (L.L.B.)

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LLB103 Dispute Resolution Summary Notes

These notes include all information derived from lectures, cases, readings and tutorials. I updated...

60 pages, 14043 words

QUT: LLB103 Dispute Resolution Notes

Extensive and detailed notes. Easy to follow and understand. Includes specific information from lect...

105 pages, 30436 words

QUT: LLB103: Dispute Resolution Notes

Great Concise notes.

72 pages, 19718 words

LLB103 Notes

Topics Covered: Spectrum of DR Forums, Negotiation, Communication Skills, Mediation, Family DR, Conc...

16 pages, 6022 words

LLB103: Dispute Resolution Notes

- Organised - Very detailed - Include lecture notes & readings

187 pages, 73000 words

LLB103 Complete Lecture and Tutorial Notes

A compilation of all lecture notes and tutorial questions

93 pages, 25397 words


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This was one of the most interesting units I have taken so far. Dispute resolution, other than through litigation, is a huge and growing area and everyone can benefit from a better understanding. The main assessment piece was a reflection, which challenged a lot of people. But, if you followed the CRA it was straightforward. And of course, James Duffy is an excellent teacher.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

James Duffy was a wonderful unit coordinator - he really worked hard to make the content manageable and easy to understand/apply in a real world context. The assignment and exam really covered all the topics of the unit by focusing on having more questions with shorter answers, rather than long essay answers. I found this subject engaging and quite refreshing considering how many other law exams are conducted.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

James Duffy is amazing! it's fantastic. hat this unit is now mandatory, all assessments and activities were thoroughly interesting.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

An excellent subject with an excellent lecturer. Well-formulated and very explicit with its expectations. However, the assignment was vague in its expectations, though the exam was straight-forward.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016