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Pretty sure the unit co-ordinator doesnt review any of these projects before allocating them to students. They just simply look over it briefly and go to the next one. The project we got given was completely different to our preferences. Some other students I'm acquainted with have also stated they experienced this as well. Suggesting the possible reason for being given their assigned project was purely because their average GPA was quite high in hopes to try and maintain a good business relationship between the unit co-ordinator (or QUT in general) and the business partner. I'm highly convinced this is what's happening behind the scenes. I understand the need for getting students some practical experience in the workforce. However, this subject seems as if it should be an extra curricular activity that should be optional and highly recommended rather than being compulsory. Otherwise, the subject definitely needs a complete re-evaluation. The fact that different groups can be allocated projects of varying scopes and difficulty and still get graded as equally harsh is absolutely ridiculous and unfair. Especially considering it seems like you are more than likely to be allocated a project that isn't within your groups preferences. It is also worth mentioning the unit co-ordinator's primary language is not English so he will down grade you for grammatical and English errors where there are none. He also does not explain things very clearly from time to time and the CRA will sometimes contradict itself.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020