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$25 per hour

Hey, My name is Ash and I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Design (Interactive and Visual) (Honour...


Focuses on: HTML, CSS, UX design and desktop to mobile design. Lectures: does not cover any code but still interesting nonetheless, though by week 4/5 about half may still attend them. Special note though: attending guest lectures are a must - ask as many Qs as you can as they will be for your major assessment. Tutorial: YOU MUST ATTEND, I can't stress that enough, very fast, a lot of information in a small space of time, ask Qs when confused - they won't bite your head off, they will help you and if they can't for whatever reason go get help from the guys and gals at STIMulate at the science/engineering building or at the library - they can help you pull apart your code and figure out what on earth is wrong (they're lifesavers tbh). Side note: that said don't hold tutors up when they've got another tutorial back-to-back other students are going to kill you

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015