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Lecture: you might just about laugh and cry with the lecturer who is a sassy lady who loves tangents and who is essentially the living embodiment of a hufflepuff I swear. The content on the other hand is somewhat lacking for certain disciplines - they've tried to combine all design disciplines into the one lecture to cover the basics and how they interact (which attmitedly REALLY interesting) but they have failed with making it equal - for architecture, industrial and landscape design you've now found your happy place for history but for fashion your lucky you at least may get a guest lecture! IVD don't hold your breath (I'm still bitter over that one as you can see). There are specialised lectures focused on your discipline which you really do need to watch as they will be a major key player in your final assignment - your timeline. Assessment: You WILL need your textbooks for your timeline //you will need them// I can't stress this enough. They are your holy grail in this assessment piece. Tutorials: tutors are there to help flesh stuff out so use this to your advantage. For your first two pieces if assessment get them to checkout what topics your covering first.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015