Hanks Australian Constitutional Law Materials and Commentary

Dan Meagher, Amelia Simpson, James Stellios, Fiona Wheeler

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Exam Ready Summary

Written by Samantha

Week 1 Introduction Week 3 Inconsistency (s 109) Week 4 Corporations power (s 51(xx)) Week 5 Exte...

126 pages, 112771 words

Constitutional Law Summary Notes

Written by Suzy

Full summary of seminars, readings, case studies and other materials given during the course in 2019...

74 pages, 34849 words

Constitutional Law Complete Notes

Written by Sarah

Contains: - Lecture Notes Summaries - Case Summaries - Exam Checklist

151 pages, 67503 words

Constitutional Law Exam Notes

Written by Nancy

Covers all three sections from the exam including: Characterisation of laws Principals of Characte...

18 pages, 6288 words


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This was an interesting course to undertake, however since it was designed for the 4th year level, rather than the 2nd years, I found the content very intense. Also, the online recordings were not very engaging, and I found I had to teach myself a lot of the content.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Very difficult subject to undertake as a 2nd year student since the course is designed for 4th years. Lecturer replied friendly and promptly to emails but was clearly stressed and struggled to adapt the course to accomodate both 2nd and 4th year students.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

This course, initially for 4th year students, is now compulsory in the 2nd year law program. No effort was made to make the course accessible for those of us with less academic experience. The seminars are extremely boring and the lecturer does not engage. Lectures should be given and more interactive tutorials or seminars should follow. The 'online lectures' and seminars covered the same content making seminar attendance a waste of time. The lecturer had a tendency to snap at students which made everyone afraid to approach her. Really slow to return assessment tasks - the course was finished before I received even one of my results.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019