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The big classroom approach in workshops is a little odd. You have to watch pre-recorded lectures in your own time and there is no option to attend physical lectures. However, the workshop itself is just your tutor standing out the front of the classroom in a lecture-typical format, however tries to get the classroom to engage by asking questions. This doesn't really work as well with a group of 50+ people as it might with the more traditional 20 or so! I had a HD average in the course until the exam which I received very poor marks sure, not quite sure why when I felt I had done well. Dorothea refuses to give you practice questions or past-exam questions and didn't make herself, or the class tutor Clare (may I add that having two tutors in a class is a good indication that the class groups should be smaller!) available in the lead up to the exam!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018