Story about Feeling

Bill Neidjie, Keith Taylor

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Welcome To My Country

Laklak Burarrwanga & Family

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My People's Dreaming

Max Dulumunmun Harrison, Peter McConchie

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Alexis Wright

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An insightful look into Indigenous culture and learning. I highly recommend it for those wishing to broaden their minds and engage with Aboriginal knowledge. Brooke Collins-Gearing is incredibly helpful and patient, encouraging people to question and voice their opinions. At times, she seems to help and guide people a little too much by providing many notes about how she interprets texts, so if you mimic her ideas then its probably quite easy to do well in this course. Although to the get the most out of this course, i recommend engaging with your own ideas and insights, even if they conflict with hers. She appreciates anyone's opinion, as long as it is expressed respectfully and thoughtfully

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017