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The majority of this course is listening to and critiquing your class mates work. While you do learn how to give constructive criticism, it is a waste of time. Sometimes the whole two hours are dedicated to listening to feedback that doesn't benefit you in any way. Also, each week were meant to be spent looking at different aspects of writing, such as intros, plot, characterisation etc. But we didn't do that either. Many times, the teacher simply read parts of the required readings back at us and asked what we thought of them. While the teacher clearly knows what he is talking about, I didn't find his feedback helpful - he subtly made fun of people and disregarded any piece of writing that didn't use symbolism or had some profound meaning. I was deeply disappointed with this course and I would not recommend it. It has the potential to be an inspiring, supportive class but falls very short largely due to the teacher and how he managed the course outline.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015