Employment Law: an Outline - 2nd edition

van Der Waarden, N

For sale by Sam for $20

Stewart's Guide to Employment Law

Andrew John Stewart

For sale by Saloni for $40

LLB363 Employment Relations Law Exam Notes

Written by Emma

These notes build on the brief lecture notes by the addition of case law and supplementary notes fro...

43 pages, 10804 words

LLB363 Employment Relations Law Notes

Written by Amelia

These notes include the following topics: - Introduction to Employment Relations Law - Legal Sourc...

53 pages, 13140 words

Employment Relation Law Whole Unit/Exam Notes

Written by Saloni

These notes are for LLB363. - Written in dot points. - Easy to understand. - Headings making it...

41 pages, 25305 words


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