Introduction to English Legal History

Baker, J.H.

For sale by Mitchell for $40

Practical Legal Skills

Hyams, Ross

For sale by Cassia for $30

Covell and Lupton Principles of Remedies - 5th Edition

Covell, W

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BJU200 - Researching Legal Remedies Notes

Written by Darren

Detailed notes including notes on: causation, types of damages, calculating damages and other subjec...

19 pages, 7356 words

REsearching LEgal Remedies problem Question Answer Plan/Notes

Written by Alisha

Exam notes designed for answering problem question

20 pages, 6976 words

BJU200 Researching Legal Remedies Summary Notes

Written by Amelia

These notes provide a summary of a number of remedies, including: common law damages and compensatio...

27 pages, 9228 words

Reserach Legal Remedies Exam Notes

Written by Saloni

- Headings making it easy to find notes. - In dot points - Set out the steps/test for each causat...

15 pages, 8028 words


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