5 tutors available for ATS2064: French Intermediate 2.

I am a second year student, and completed French Intermediate (ATS2063, ATS2064) in 2018 with a HD (85+) as well as VCE French with a study score over...
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I'm currently completing Bachelor of Science and Diploma of Languages in Spanish. I'm very passionate about language learning and the teaching of Fren...
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Hello and Bonjour! After graduating from the University of Melbourne with a Dip Lang in French, I took off to Paris for a year where I perfected my k...
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I am a french student on a one year exchange at Monash university. I am very interested in teaching my native langage: french. I am convinced that mos...
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Hi there!

I am studying a Bachelor of Education. Would be happy to meet at Monash Clayton to help you out with your subjects :)
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