Sensation and Perception 2nd ed

Steven Yantis & Richard Abrams

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Sensation and Perception

Steven Yantis, Richard A. Abrams

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PHY3111 Lecture/Exam HD Notes

Written by Johnny

My notes are a comprehensive combination of both lecture content, allowing me to get a HD for the su...

44 pages, 12976 words

PHY3111 Exam Notes

Written by Rosini

Comprehensive notes formulated from both lecture materials and textbook readings. Notes are set out...

30 pages, 15983 words


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I have never been more disappointed and embarrassed at a subject at monash in my whole university life. I am currently a third year science student and have never witness such a faliure of teaching in my life. PHY3111 thinks teaching involves purchasing an expensive and overprice textbook and reading it. Assessments are poorly organised. When you ask a question, you receive vague answers in return. Worst unit ever.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

A poorly organised unit with poor communication between the conveyors of the content. No lecture style teaching with significant amounts of reading from a textbook, is that even science? The content however is applicable to life as you can test it well reading the text, hence it is rather interesting.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016