Rang & Dale's Pharmacology

H.P. Rang, J.M Ritter, R.J. Flower, G. Henderson

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Medical Pharmacology at a Glance

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Rang & Dale's Pharmacology

Humphrey P. Rang, James M. Ritter, Rod J. Flower, Graeme Henderson

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HD PHA2022: Drugs and Society Lecture Summaries

Written by Elli

A collaboration of notes I summarised and condensed into 'PHA2022 Lecture Summaries' using informati...

19 pages, 19206 words

PHA2022 Notes

Written by Nicole

Comprehensive 130 page document listing ALL information provided by the lecturer and lecture slides...

130 pages, 23132 words


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I am currently doing an Honours year in Pharmacology at Monash University. Having grown up teaching...


Good unit but incomplete lectures provided so it’s essential to either go to them or listen to them online! Lots of little assessments which were a little hard to keep up with

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Absolutely engaging unit with well thought-out and organised lectures in 4 themes. Lecturers were always well prepared and loved to interact with students. The pracs were easy if you asked your demonstrater heaps of questions. I'd highly recommend this unit for anyone doing Biomedical Science or Science!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016