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[+] Content is engaging, and there are lots of real-world applications to the math. [+] Assignments were okay, if you have a good grasp on the content you would complete them without much trouble. [+] Printed hardcopy of lecture content, it's excellent (it's adhesive bound, get it wire bound at Officeworks, all our copies fell apart lol). [-] 200+ questions to do in the handbook, less than a hundred have answers. A lot of questions are difficult to find online, requiring you to attend office hours. [-] The office hours. Typically a group of students will attend, with wildly varying questions. Some students will ask questions about future content (that would otherwise be explained in lectures). [-] Complete and utter glossing over real-world applications in favor of fundamental proofs. There are some interesting anecdotes in lectures, but no assessment / required knowledge. If you are a student that performs well (>75) in most math units, you will be fine in this unit. If you are a student that sits lower, consider choosing an alternative unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019