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A rewarding and challenging unit, and was especially interesting for an Electrical Engineering student. The topics start off slow, giving an opportunity to revise basic Complex Numbers techniques. At around week 5 things begin to heat up, with many proofs in class to digest (however, you may only see a couple of these in formal assessments -- likely Liouville's Theorem and Cauchy's Theorem). The final week of this section is very abstract, and the exam only rewards a few marks regarding these topics. The second half of the unit is where the real challenge is, having to use the fundamental Complex Analysis techniques from the first half to do integral transforms. Though important for the assignments, the Complex Inversion Formula was not on the exam. Neither was solving a PDE using Laplace Transforms, just with the three kinds of Fourier Transforms from class.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Starts with the basics of complex numbers and moves into complex calculus and ends with Laplace transforms. ~$35 Schaum's Outlines: Laplace Transforms: Murray R. Spiegel is allowed to be taken into the exam (big help)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015