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Honestly would rate 0/5 stars if possible, initially this unit is great for those wanting to cover their capstone unit and their marketing unit as an elective cause this is a combination of both. However, the process and the management of this unit is incredibly terrible. Ms Jane Carroll, could not give her students the time of day and even remember her appointments, which she scheduled. Submitting the proposal into the 3 top areas which you are most interested in early/on time does not even get evaluated by her until the actual day you get 'interviewed'. The interview is a complete joke, mostly she complains about how students always expect her to match an internship for them rather than find it themselves amidst her out of control untidy tiny office space. She likes to glare at you with immense judgement and even pass on her subtle racist/discriminative remarks, such as, "I think you're more well suited to be in research or something to do with numbers" just because I am of Asian and Chinese decent. For an educator who's number priority was to encourage diversity and unconventional thinking/skills, she comes off very condescending and arrogant with the way she speaks and 'selects' her students. It's not a surprise that many students tell each other that this unit is a waste of time, I just don't see why Monash Business School isn't doing anything to handle the poor management of this unit, even with a low and overall unsatisfactory response rate from SETU's. TL;DR: this unit is a waste of your time, effort and money. Choose some other capstone.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018