Marketing Strategy and Competitive Position


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MKF3151 Exam Revision

Written by Ronnie

A distinction was graded for this subject. The note was made for exam revision purpose, with the...

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MKF3151 Final Exam Revision

Written by ALENA

I wrote this note based on the practice exam questions, this helps me in developing my own answers f...

11 pages, 3317 words

MKF3151 Final Exam Revision

Written by ALENA

The notes help me in doing my final revision for the unit, this can also help you with thinking abou...

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simulation was super fun and interesting, recommend this unit

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Markstrat simulation makes the unit so much easier to study. In the exam, Markstrat is also asked to be applied to concepts and situations which becomes a bonus! Study the topic week by week and try to incorporate business examples and Markstrat into the topics. Relying on the tutors and lecturer would be reckless. Commit to the unit and take initiative to understand Markstrat would make this unit an easy HD.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017