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MIC3041: Medical Microbiology

Written by Cait

Detailed lecture notes, as well as examples, diagrams, and tables including summary information on m...

120 pages, 31639 words


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Enjoyed the lecture content covered and as a biomed student who did BMS2052 (the BMS equivalent of MIC3041), I did not find it difficult learning the content covered. One area I found myself initially struggling in compared to the MIC students, was the laboratory techniques as these were not as heavily emphasised in BMS2052. There were not too many assignments though the labs were a bit jam-packed in the first half of semester. You can do well in the assignments and practicals if you do ask your TA for assistance, though it does depend on the TA you're assigned to. This was also the first year active learning sessions were run and I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions as it did assist in consolidating the lecture material. Only downside would be the amount of rote learning that is required but then again, that is a given for MIC units.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Interesting but lots of things to learn! This unit requires a lot of rote learning instead of conceptual learning which may be better for some.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017