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Managing Quality, Innovation and Knowledge

Written by Damien

This document of summaries is incredibly well organised and set up in a way that is clean, appealing...

19 pages, 2788 words

MGF2511 comprehensive HD notes!

Written by Jess

Complete MGF2511 notes including week 1-10 content. Week 11-12 was not examinable Semester 1, 2016....

86 pages, 14184 words


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Between the three different lecturers and the tutors who have about as little a clue as to what's going on as the students, this unit was a disaster. There were no weekly learning objectives so you didn't know if you were learning what you were supposed to learn and the teaching staff were no help whatsoever; constantly going off-topic. This unit should have been easy but the frustration made it not even worth the credits.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

If I could rate this unit 0/5 stars I would. The lecturer is your most reliable source. However, going for each lecture isn't a do or die. Your lecturers depending on who you get, (hopefully it isn't a person starting with W), you should be all set. If you do get her, HAHAHAH good luck mate. Your referencing gets flagged for no reason and her style of teaching makes you question yourself for even taking the unit in the first place. Expect your internal marks to be dragged in the mud if you do get her. Just don't bother going for her tutorial class at all.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017