Equity and Trusts

Tina Cockburn, Tracey Carver, Anne Matthew

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A Sourcebook on Equity and Trusts in Australia

M W Bryan, S E Degeling M S Donald & V J Vann

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Equity and Trusts

Gino Evan Dal Pont

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Equity and Trusts in Australia

Bryan, Michael

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Written by Chen Ling

Topics covered: 1. Introduction to Equity 2. Breach of Confidence 3. Fiduciary relationships (inc...

21 pages, 11714 words

HD Equity Notes

Written by Lovedeep

Topics include: - Breach of confidence - Fiduciary relation - Third-party liability - Person...

35 pages, 12706 words

HD Principles of Equity Law Exam Case Summaries

Written by Tee

Exam notes created in Trimester 2 2018 for LAW5008 Principles of Equity Law (Monash JD). These s...

50 pages, 22066 words

Principles of Equity HD Exam Notes

Written by Isaac

Monash University JD Notes for LAW5008 (Principles of Equity) – Tri 2 2019. Simple, clear and str...

24 pages, 8213 words


Written by M

Concise and easy to follow exam notes which provide: - formulas for responding to exam questions -...

27 pages, 10066 words

Equity Exam Notes with Steps, Prompts, and Case Summaries

Written by Tessa

Equity Exam Notes with Steps, Prompts, and Case Summaries. Topic List: 1. Breach of Confidence...

44 pages, 15384 words

Distinction T2 2019 Equity Exam Notes

Written by Sonia

Comprehensive equity notes. Includes opening sentences (OS), step by step to answer exam questions,...

30 pages, 15468 words

LAW5008 Principle of Equity HD Exam Notes (T2 2019)

Written by Gloria

HD Exam Notes with a clear exam structure. The Notes include all the examinable topics: 1. Fi...

52 pages, 10754 words

LAW5008 – Principles of Equity Exam Notes

Written by Laura

Exam style notes, including the following topics, and case note summaries: Topic 1, Introduction...

57 pages, 18803 words

Equity Exam Notes

Written by Stephanie

Susan Barkehall Thomas was the Chief Examiner Topics covered were: Breach of Fiduciary Duty Breac...

25 pages, 10348 words


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