Australian Real Property Law

Anthony P. Moore, Scott Grattan, Lynden Griggs

For sale by Jasmine for $100

Sackville and Neave Australian Property Law

Rossiter, C

For sale by Tom for $30

Quick Reference Card

B. Edgeworth

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Australian Real Property Law

For sale by Julia for $60

Real Property Law (Nutshell Series)

Samantha Hepburn

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Principles of Property Law Exam Notes

Written by Megan

Comprehensive Principles of Property Law exam notes. Trimester 1 2018. Includes: Fixtures and C...

33 pages, 11342 words


Written by Sara

Topics include everything from week 1-12. Topics -Characteristics of Property -Classification of...

99 pages, 36878 words

HD Property Law 5006 Notes with case summaries

Written by Tony

HD Property Law Notes with case summaries *** Provides structure for exam answers *** Topics Cov...

56 pages, 22084 words

HD Principles of Property Law Exam Notes

Written by Tee

Exam notes created in Trimester 1 2018 for LAW5006 Principles of Property (Monash JD).  These not...

45 pages, 15198 words


Written by Sitthana

HD exam notes with case summaries List of topics: Doctrine of fixture Doctrine of estates Doct...

34 pages, 18269 words

HD Principles of Property Law Exam Case Summaries

Written by Tee

Exam case summaries created in Trimester 1 2018 for LAW5006 Principles of Property (Monash JD). ...

30 pages, 12330 words

Exam Notes: Legislation

Written by Jo

These are exam notes (27 pages), and include all legislation covered during the course. Notes incl...

59 pages, 30902 words

Comprehensive Property Exam Checklist

Written by Sarah

Principles of Property (LAW5006) exam structure, provides an outline to follow while answering exam...

25 pages, 7500 words

Property - Exam Notes (Monash)

Written by Ben

* Note: This is for the NEW material as of T2 2016. These notes were made throughout trimester 2...

38 pages, 10500 words

Comprehensive Property A Notes

Written by Sarah

Detailed notices for Principles of Property Law/Prop A including clear headings, key legal principle...

68 pages, 30000 words


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