Uniform Evidence Law

Miiko Kumar, Stephen Odgers, Elisabeth Peden

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Uniform Evidence Law: Commentary and Materials

Miiko Kumar, Stephen Odgers, Elisabeth Peden

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Uniform Evidence Law Commentary and Materials

Kumar, Odgers and Peden

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Uniform Evidence Law

Miiko Kumar, Stephen Odgers and Elisabeth Peden

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Uniform Evidence

Jeremy Gans, Andrew Palmer

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Uniform Evidence Law

Miiko Kumar, Stephen J. Odgers, Elisabeth Peden

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High Distinction Evidence Law Notes

Written by Maria

I am a previous LSS tutor at Monash. I achieved a High Distinction in Evidence law in S1 2017 using...

78 pages, 36006 words

HD Evidence (LAW4323) Exam Notes

Written by Sarah

These comprehensive LAW4323 notes were formulated for use in the 2016 Semester 1 Evidence exam (whic...

65 pages, 28477 words

LAW4323 - Easy Evidence Notes

Written by Rebecca

These notes are everything you need for the subject. They show a detailed (but concise) 'step-by-ste...

58 pages, 28000 words


Written by Nikita

These are the notes I used for Evidence. They include - 'map' like structure of how to go throug...

117 pages, 54390 words


Written by Nikkie

This script was useful for both the midsemester test and end of year exam. It provides a structu...

23 pages, 8836 words


Written by Nikkie

The notes provide an in-depth resource for the legal principles relevant to this course. Evidence ne...

110 pages, 37030 words

Evidence HD Summary Notes

Written by Tristan

Summary notes for the following topics: Relevance, Competence & Compellability, Privilege, Examinati...

93 pages, 38077 words

Evidence - Flow Chart Principles and Legislation

Written by Adam

This thorough yet concise set of notes clearly enunciates all principles from the 102 cases in Evide...

16 pages, 25676 words

Evidence - Case Book

Written by Adam

An in-depth analysis of all 102 cases in Evidence, this book comes complete with each case's facts,...

64 pages, 38843 words

LAW4323 Evidence Exam Notes (HD, 86)

Written by Yueh-Shin

Includes a structure for each topic, and very brief case summaries per topic where needed. This is a...

50 pages, 21008 words


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