Principles of Civil Litigation

Mark J. Rankin, David Bamford

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LDR Skeleton For Exams

Written by Lily

Skeleton easy colour-coded notes to be brought into Exams that includes lecture notes, case summarie...

59 pages, 24582 words

LAW4303 Exam Notes

Written by Peter

This is a condensed version of HD notes for LAW4303. In tabular format, the notes focus on ease of u...

9 pages, 18089 words

HD Litigation and Dispute Resolution Exam Notes

Written by Lucy

Comprehensive, well-structured exam notes including case summaries and exam scripts. These notes are...

80 pages, 34682 words

Litigation and Dispute Resolution (LDR) - Flow Chart Principles and Legislation

Written by Adam

This thorough yet concise set of notes clearly enunciates all principles and legislation across all...

12 pages, 21760 words

HD (87) Notes (including class actions policy) which help structure your exam

Written by Emily

I used these notes in the LDR and received a 87/HD overall. They are written in an exam format s...

134 pages, 56119 words


Written by Nikkie

Covers the following topics: Drafting Appropriate dispute resolution Jurisdiction Commencing...

102 pages, 34060 words

Litigation and Dispute Resolution exam notes

Written by Daniel

Notes cover all topics in Litigation and Dispute Resolution (for both LLB and JD courses) including:...

64 pages, 31000 words


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