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HD Family Law case notes and guide

Written by Georgie

Extensive family law notes - includes case summaries, relevant sections of Family Law Act and an eas...

84 pages, 36799 words

Family Law Exam Notes

Written by Claire

Here are the exam notes I made for Family Law in Summer A 2017! They include all the topics that we...

65 pages, 24137 words

Family Law Comprehensive notes

Written by Bita

Great Comprehensive Family Law notes complete with case summaries, summaries of relevant legislation...

49 pages, 24331 words

Introduction to Family Law notes

Written by Marissa

Intro to Family Law done in Summer A 2015. Covers: - The family - Practices and processes in F...

83 pages, 23971 words

Introduction to Family Law Notes and Cases

Written by Victoria

These notes are very comprehensive. They are divided as per the topics and subtopics stipulated unde...

84 pages, 34401 words

HD Family Law Exam Notes

Written by Ellen

HD exam notes for the Monash family law unit. Includes a table of contents, summaries of every case...

74 pages, 66655 words

Exam notes

Written by Pei

Comprehensive notes to take into the exams

31 pages, 15233 words

Family Law Notes

Written by Steph

Clear, organised notes that cover all the key principles and cases that you need to know for the LAW...

39 pages, 19207 words


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Easy enough to do well in. Renata was humorous and taught well, and she also used slides for apparently the first time ever. Disappointed that the placement wasn't an option, though. The content was quite interesting, but it's just a brief overview of family law that doesn't go into too much detail.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018