Equity and Trusts in Australia

Michael Bryan, Vicki Vann, Susan Barkehall Thomas

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Susan Barkehall Thomas, Vicki Vann

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A Sourcebook on Equity & Trusts in Australia

Bryan, Degeling, Donald, Vann

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Susan Barkehall Thomas, Vicki Vann

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S. J. Thomas, Susan Barkehall Thomas, Vicki Vann

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Susan Barkehall Thomas, Vicki Vann

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TRUSTS (mid-D) Exam Notes - Detailed Template + Case Book

Written by LouisLitt

Tailored for exams by compiling all notes from the semester into one document, including from lectur...

156 pages, 66500 words


Written by AC

I used these notes in the semester 1 2018 exam and the class test and I received an overall grade of...

70 pages, 44782 words

Trusts HD Notes (Exam structure + Case Summaries)

Written by Ashlyn

These are my notes from Semester 1 Trusts in 2019, in which I obtained a HD. They cover all exam...

75 pages, 27000 words

HD Trusts Exam Notes (90!))

Written by Christine

These notes got me a HD (90) for the unit! Comprehensive and detailed and is perfect to use for both...

95 pages, 30415 words

HD Trusts Exam Notes

Written by Lucy

Comprehensive, well-structured exam notes including case summaries and exam scripts. These notes are...

73 pages, 32000 words

Law4170 Trusts Distinction Exam Notes

Written by Arjun

Notes compiled for the Trusts Exam in accordance with the Semester 1, 2018 Reading Guide. The Rea...

48 pages, 13000 words

HD Trust Exam Notes Sem 1, 2019

Written by V

Completed Trust in Sem 1, 2019. Achieved a High Distinction (87). Notes include the following top...

51 pages, 30679 words

HD Trusts notes (85)

Written by Saloni

Detailed trust notes that include case summaries and important judgements. Topics: - Introductio...

54 pages, 30907 words

HD (88) Trusts (LAW4170) Exam Notes

Written by Matt

These notes were formulated for use in the Trusts exam (which is open-book). The notes are detailed,...

49 pages, 17462 words

HD LAW4170 Trusts Full Exam Notes

Written by Stephanie

Comprehensive exam notes designed to easily navigate questions during the exam. TOPICS COVERED:...

54 pages, 26945 words


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B.Sc Grad Dip Ed LLB LLM (Monash). Cert TESOL I am registered as a School Teacher in Victoria and...


This unit really drew from previous subjects (equity, contracts, even property law) in a way that was manageable and really let me see how law units interact. Clear topics and readings - can be challenging if you fall behind, but really interesting if you're up to date!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018