Equity & Trusts in Australia

M W Bryan, V J Vann and S Barkehall Thomas

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LexisNexis Study Guide

Barkehall S. J. Thomas, Susan Barkehall Thomas, Vicki Vann

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Sourcebook on Equity & Trusts in Australia

Bryan M et al

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Equity and Trusts in Australia

Gino Evan Dal Pont

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Equity and Trusts in Australia

Bryan, Michael

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Comprehensive HD Equity Notes

Written by Pete

These comprehensive HD exam notes were tailored to the new Equity exam being open book. Therefore, t...

37 pages, 16765 words

Equity HD Notes

Written by Kat

Structured HD Equity Notes that cover Breach of Confidence, Breach of Fiduciary Duties and Remedies.

37 pages, 9810 words

93 HD Equity Exam Notes

Written by David

Final exam notes containing all relevant case law and legislation. These notes compile lecture conte...

34 pages, 16599 words

HD Equity Notes - Summary and Script

Written by Sally

Detailed and comprehensive notes for Equity. All topics are covered, including breach of confidence,...

40 pages, 12228 words

LAW3111 Equity HD (87) Notes

Written by Elif Eren

TOPICS - Breach of Confidence - Breach of Fiduciary Duty - Third Party Liability - Personal Reme...

29 pages, 12456 words

LAW3111 HD (91) Final Exam Notes

Written by Abigail

Comprehensive exam notes with suggested structure and case law. Extremely thorough - simplifies an o...

43 pages, 13152 words

LAW3111 Equity Notes - HD 80

Written by Sara

These HD 80 LAW3111 Equity Notes include: - Introduction to Equity - Breach of Confidence (element...

59 pages, 34298 words

Equity Exam Script

Written by Claire

These notes can be used in the exam. They include: - Rationale for the law - Rule (what the law is...

28 pages, 12775 words

Equity Flashcards for closed book exam - HD 88

Written by Iain

Help! The equity exam is closed book, what on earth do I do!?! How on earth do you study for a close...

47 pages, 14219 words

LAW3111 Case Law Appendix

Written by Mary

Currently taking Equity with Patrick Emerton Chief Examiner; - all case law derived from Reading Gu...

62 pages, 53340 words


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Super interesting, but heavily policy driven. Assignments and exams were fair, and lecturers prepared us well for it. Highly recommend attending LSS tute sessions though - some of the lecturers lack a structure that is very helpful!!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017