A Sourcebook on Equity and Trusts in Australia

Michael Bryan

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A Sourcebook on Equity and Trusts in Australia

Michael Bryan, Simone Degeling, Scott Donald, Vicki Vann

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A Sourcebook on Equity and Trusts in Australia

Michael Bryan

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A Sourcebook on Equity and Trusts in Australia

Michael Bryan

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LexisNexis Study Guide: Equity - 2nd Edition

Barkehall, T

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A Sourcebook on Equity and Trusts in Australia

Bryan M et al.

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LexisNexis Study Guide

Barkehall S. J. Thomas, Susan Barkehall Thomas, Vicki Vann

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LAW3111 Case Law Appendix

Currently taking Equity with Patrick Emerton Chief Examiner; - all case law derived from Reading Gu...

62 pages, 53340 words


These highly detailed and structured notes cover the following topics: TOPIC 3 – FIDUCIARY RELATI...

71 pages, 49183 words


These notes are efficient and exam-focused. It is condensed with an emphasis on excluding unnecessar...

35 pages, 11019 words

HD Equity Semester 1 2020 Exam Notes

This is the complete set of notes I used in my end-of-semester exam for Equity in Semester 1, 2020 w...

55 pages, 24734 words

(UPDATED FOR 2022) Highly Comprehensive Equity Exam Notes (HD 87)

Exam Topics:
 Topic 1: Introduction to Equity
 Topic 2: Breach of Confidence
 Topic 3: Breach of...

134 pages, 32263 words

Detailed and Comprehensive HD (93) Equity Exam Notes

Comprehensive Equity exam notes which enabled me to attain a 93 overall in Equity. Exam Notes Co...

52 pages, 18984 words

HD Equity Notes - Summary and Script

Detailed and comprehensive notes for Equity. All topics are covered, including breach of confidence,...

40 pages, 12228 words

Equity notes (HD 94)

All topics covered: introduction; breach of confidence; fiduciary relationships and breach of fiduci...

170 pages, 84649 words

Equity HD (83) Exam Notes

Comprehensive notes for the Equity exam! Using these notes enabled me to achieve 83% on the exam in...

184 pages, 61585 words

Highly Comprehensive LAW3111 Exam Notes (detailed case analogies+ full exam script)

Very detailed and comprehensive notes, including all examinable topics covered in Equity Law. Couple...

47 pages, 16278 words


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Super interesting, but heavily policy driven. Assignments and exams were fair, and lecturers prepared us well for it. Highly recommend attending LSS tute sessions though - some of the lecturers lack a structure that is very helpful!!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017