Australian Real Property Law, Editon 7

Anthony Moore

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Australian Real Property Law

Anthony Moore

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Australian Real Property Law

Adrian J. Bradbrook

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Anthony Moore, Scott Grattan & Lynden Griggs

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Australian Real Property Law

Anthony Moore, Lynden Griggs, Scott Grattan

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Australian Real Property Law

Adrian J. Bradbrook

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Australian Real Property Law

Anthony Moore, Scott Gratton, Lyden Griggs

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Lexisnexis Questions and Answers - Property Law

C. Dow, L. Leigh

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Australian Real Property Law

Anthony Moore, Scott Grattan & Lynden Griggs

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Sackville and Neave Australian Property Law

Ronald Sackville, Brendan Edgeworth, Christopher Rossiter, Margaret Stone, Pamela O'Connor, Marcia Neave

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HD 88 Property law class test notes

These are the notes that I used to receive a 88 in the law 2112 class test. It is important to note...

7733 pages, 21 words

(UPDATED for 2022) Highly Comprehensive Prop A Exam Notes (HD 84)

These notes are formatted through headings and sub headings that make the notes very easy to follow...

115 pages, 24056 words


Comprehensive and detailed exam notes with script, compiled from lectures, readings and tutorials....

63 pages, 14258 words


Comprehensive and detailed class test notes with script, compiled from lectures, readings and tutori...

12 pages, 5254 words

HD Property A Notes - Summary and Script

Detailed and comprehensive notes for Property A. All topics are covered, including adverse possessio...

66 pages, 19900 words

PROPERTY A - HD Notes 2021 (updated 2022)

Comprehensive HD Notes for Property A. Combines material from lectures, tutes, lss videos and other...

39 pages, 13635 words

Property A HD (87) Exam Notes

Comprehensive notes for the Property A exam! Using these notes enabled me to achieve an 87 for the s...

155 pages, 42986 words

HD property A notes (82) and case summary

Very high-quality notes here!!! The notes cover all topics including: - The Concept of Property -...

78 pages, 34845 words


Complete step-by-step comprehensive exam guide covering all examinable content for the LAW2112 Prope...

74 pages, 32085 words

LAW2112 HD (85) Exam Notes + Script

Very comprehensive exam notes with suggested structure, all necessary legislation and case law. The...

84 pages, 33679 words


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Online teaching made this unit more manageable, but you need to attend LSS tutes and be very on top of the tutorial answers to get a good mark in both the mid sem test and final exam. The lectures were delivered in a very longwinded manner with poor use of slides, with some involving talking for 20 minutes at a time with 1 slide. Contract A is structured much better in terms of videos.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

no lecture recordings make things hard and the content is super dry. Daniel is hard to follow at times.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

My favourite law subject but you need to go to the LSS tutes for it to make sense. With the added help everything becomes clear and the exam questions were almost enjoyable to do!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016