Rubin's Pathology

Raphael Rubin, David S. Strayer, Emanuel Rubin, Jay M. McDonald (M.D.)

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Rubin's Pathology

David Strayer

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Pathophysiology: concepts of altered health states

Carol Mattson Porth

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HD HUP3011 Notes

Written by K

Comprehensive HUP3011 notes containing everything you need to know to get a HD in the unit! These no...

80 pages, 16182 words

HUP3011 Human Pathology 1

Written by Alina

HUP3011 is a content heavy unit, including weekly labs that challenge your understanding of the cont...

94 pages, 28501 words


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Lecture content is super interesting and lectures flow well from disease to disease. The labs/lecture quizzes are really helpful in enforcing disease concepts and essentially easy marks. That being said, the critical analysis assignment marking was inconsistent probably due to an incomplete marking rubric. Despite this, the content and assessment of this unit was quite reasonable and I really enjoyed this unit as a whole!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Most disorganised unit I have taken in my entire degree. The lectures are all over the place. There is only one assignment but it had an incomplete rubric, contradictory instructions and a confused assessor. The lectures and test questions/content do not correlate. The labs were simply looking at PDF files and copying images. Do yourself a favour and skip this unit.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018