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GEN2052 Distinction Summary Notes

Written by Ellie

These notes are summaries of every lecture (24 lectures) in the unit. They are very clearly orga...

87 pages, 20000 words

GEN2052 Distinction Summary Readings Notes

Written by Ellie

These notes are summaries of every required reading that is associated with the lectures and labs in...

17 pages, 5000 words

GEN2052 Notes

Written by Dan

Hey all ! These notes cover all of second year, second semester genetics. They are clear and conc...

42 pages, 6476 words


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This unit is quite boring and if you don't keep ourself on track throughout the semester, it is very easy for things to go out of hand. You need to go to the lectures or watch them online because its hard to just learn by looking at the notes. The lecturers are not bad, but they are often very boring and the lectures are no fun at all. I personally feel like they could have made this unit so much more fun to learn but they have not. There is very little help available for students who are struggling too. The practical sessions are somewhat okay. Maybe it's just me, but doing this unit made be kinda fed up with genetics.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

GEN2052 was slightly less enjoyable than GEN2041. However, all the TAs and lecturers are helpful and approachable so it is quite easy to do well so long as you keep up with the work! Learning/remembering all the population genetics formulas was probably the most difficult part of the unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015