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FIT2002 Exam Revision Notes

Written by Shannon

Summary of all the topics covered in FIT2002, including explanations of concepts and how to answer s...

50 pages, 18812 words

FIT2002: Project Management Revision Notes

Written by Thamale

Summary of the the content of FIT2002 in bullet point notes, diagrams and external resources. Top...

50 pages, 8799 words


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Without being disrespectful, this unit should not be part of Monash's Bachelor of IT course. This unit is entirely based around a textbook - Kathy Schwalbe's "Information Technology Project Management". I don't even know how it is legally permissable (the amount of content they copy from the textbook). I think I would be much more accepting of the unit if the staff were more lenient with marking assessments, but they are unecessarily strict on marking assessments which they haven't even created themselves. Truth hurts.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020