Principles of Instrumental Analysis

Douglas A. Skoog, F. James Holler, Stanley R. Crouch

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Both the content AND organisation of this unit was poor. Cons: 1. The first four weeks (Mike's content) was spilt up into several videos that totalled to at least 3 hours each week. 2. In every workshop, they were unable to cover the entire worksheet in 1 hour + the uploaded answers were very brief. 3. a) The laboratories often did not align with the content studied so for some laboratories, we were in the dark. b) The TA's in the labs often could not answer questions related to the labs (they were occupied with other stuff). c) Once you leave your lab, you could not ask anymore questions because no one was appointed to answer lab specific questions (unlike CHM2911 where there were dedicated forums observed by particular academics responsible for the lab). d) The marking turnover for the labs were inconsistent (six weeks into the unit and I had only received feedback for one of my labs). e) There are no lab videos. Because the labs were taught online, it was difficult to think of sources of errors. Pros: 1. Jie (the unit coordinator) responded really fast through email. 2. Toby's positive outlook and his effort to make the workshops interesting was nice. 3. Jie and Toby's (week 5 to 12) lectures were around 1 hour so they were much more manageable. In conclusion, unless you need to complete this unit I wouldn't do it. But you can get a HD with enough effort.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

If I could give the unit a zero, I would. Hands down the worst unit that I have EVER done. Do not pick this unless it is an absolute necessity! The first four weeks are the best in the semester (but still trash). You have to teach yourself everything because the notes and lecture content are of such low quality. The teaching staff have no empathy and are not interested in helping students. Jie is the worst of all of the teaching staff though. They do not record the workshops, so if you fall behind in class or get something wrong you can't go back to figure out what the problem was. I had a legitimate reason for missing a single workshop, I had a mid-semester exam for my other chemistry unit at the same time as my workshop, and Jie refused to provide a recording even under those circumstances. The labs are confusing and disorganized too, the staff takes forever to mark anything as well. After the workshops they do not provide worked answers, meaning that if you messed something up and couldn't figure out why during the workshop, you were screwed and wouldn't be able to find out the answer. This unit was a nightmare, I wish I had been warned.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

I would not recommend completing this unit unless it is necessary to enter a 3rd year CHM unit. Only the first 4 weeks are above average, the rest of the semesters content is stale, dry and completely mind-numbing. The labs and tutorials from week 1 will be a nightmare, they are time consuming and you will begin to ask this rhetorical question; “why did I do this to myself”, after every lab and tutorial. Now if you’re thinking, yes, the lectures, tutorials and labs will be horrible, but I can get through it to reach the moot courts. Well I’m not sorry to disappoint you but the courts are a complete waste of time. If this moot court interests you because of the law aspect or because you’ve seen a couple of episodes of suits, then please either rethink or pursue a career in law. This so-called “moot-court” is an environment where students are supposed to present data from a scenario to a jury AS SCIENTISTS. This is key because they begin their briefing to the lab session on what the moot court entails and they will finish completely contradicting themselves, thinking that you are all fully qualified lawyers. Which is complete bull***t due to the fact that we are scientists and don’t have power of attorney. Leaving either the defendants or prosecutors to start shooting words such as subpoena and acquittal in which they googled the night before and turning what is supposed to be an expert-witness presenting non-bias data into some bull***t court hearing where you start talking about how you connected with the suspect or how you felt about the story. It honestly was the biggest waste of 4-hours that I hope no-one has to endure. Overall the TA’s were average as it really depends on who you have during your labs and moot court to make the s**t-storm that is CHM2922 bearable.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

The first 4 weeks with Mike were great. But after that the quality of the lecturers take a huge dive. Jie's lectures were completely incoherent and he sped through the content and stutters constantly. If you had a question in his tutorials, then prepare to be insulted by him as he becomes offended that you couldn't understand his lectures. The last 4 weeks with Toby were also fairly poor, but at least better than Jie's. The weekly online tutorial videos that Kelly put out were a godsend though and I couldn't have gotten through the unit without them as the content in this unit was fairly difficult. Overall it's an okay unit plagued with terrible lecturers

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018