Stewart's guide to employment law

Andrew Stewart

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Stewart's Guide to Employment Law

Andrew Stewart

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Stewart's Guide to Employment Law

Andrew John Stewart

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Stewart's Guide to Employment Law

Andrew John Stewart

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BTX3991 HD Final Exam Tutorial Notes and Answer

Written by Ya-Hsin

Topics include: Week 3 Implied duties: Duty of obedience + Implied duty: duty to co-operate and beh...

11 pages, 5033 words


Written by JADE

- these notes are very comprehensive and cover all lectures from weeks 1-12 as well as further input...

37 pages, 16423 words

Employment law exam notes

Written by Yi Hui

Full detail booklet summaries notes to bring into exam.

103 pages, 10000 words


Written by Juliet

Weekly summaries of lecture notes including references to textbook Cases and relevant law highlight...

38 pages, 9480 words

Employment Law Exam Notes

Written by Phoebe

- Complete exam notes with cases in green. - Contents with relevant page numbers.

103 pages, 22893 words

Employment Law (BTX3991) - Exam notes

Written by Kit

Everything you need for the BTX3991 exam with cases.

35 pages, 9200 words


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Overall a highly engaging unit. The content is very interesting and applicable to students' lives, and the teaching staff really know their stuff. My only gripe is that the effort one puts into the internal assessment component, which consisted of 1 problem question and 1 essay question, is not reflected in the weighting of that assessment. It is only 2,000 words but it is worth 50% of the mark for the unit. The tutorials could be a bit longer as there is plenty to go over and you'll need to set some time aside to get your IRAC down pat for the different topics. Go to the tutorials, take notes, make flowcharts and checklists and prepare case summaries. You'll enjoy the unit, but you have to put the effort in if you want to answer the problem questions to a high standard.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018