Fundamentals of International Trade Law

Giovanni Di Lieto, David Treisman

For sale by Courtney for $60

BTX3110 Summaries including workshop answer

Written by Ya-Hsin

With this note, you will have... - Weekly workshop summaries and answers - Relevant cases summarie...

12 pages, 8860 words


Written by Natty

From one honest (sometimes lazy) student to another, we have all been there when it comes to last mi...

29 pages, 11394 words

HD Complete Notes - International Trade Law BTX3110

Written by Aleona

All you need for the exam. It's an open book exam. Very well compiled, easy to study and find info...

23 pages, 14500 words

International Trade Law Notes

Written by Sarah

Exam notes covering all examinable topics (i.e. from international carriage of goods onwards)

9 pages, 6174 words

Exam Notes + Class Work - International Trade Law BTX3110

Written by Aleona

Completed S2/2016 at Caulfield. Double Degree Commerce and Business. This set includes my exam no...

66 pages, 34990 words

International Trade Law - Exam Notes

Written by Kit

Notes- Structured for the Exam Topics (Weeks 4-11) International Sale of Goods International Car...

53 pages, 17900 words


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